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Proposed Bus Stops and Existing Businesses on Venice Blvd

Existing Metro Lines

Local Businesses/Institutions

Hand-picked Businesses

Businesses within 1/4 mile

Welcome! This map shows five proposed bus stops on Venice Blvd. They are close to two UCLA graduate apartments, and will greatly increase the mobility for students living there. They are also convenient for people to change to other existing bus stops.
Some local businesses that are within a quarter mile are shown in the map, including restaurants, bars, and retail stores.
The existing Metro lines 33,35,37,38,102,733 all have stops in the vicinity of the proposed area. Click the line number to check their relationship with the proposed stops, which will highly enhance the connectivity to downtown area.

Who created this map?
Zhongbo Li is in her third week of web GIS class with Yoh and she is now able to create this map! (^_^)/