We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help clarify things for you.
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What Is Geostories And How Does It Work?

GeoStories is about letting people create meaningful narratives based in the places they have been and the experiences they've had there.

Each geostory is built of chapters-each chapter represents a different location, and each location can enhanced with personal thoughts or narrative text, as well as imagery or video. As each chapter is completed, you'll see a numbered icon representing the chapter appear in the GeoStories map display. Clicking on the icon will reveal the full, multimedia description of your experience.

But don't stop there! GeoStories is about connecting-and contextualizing-our many remarkable moments and memories. The more chapters, the fuller the story. That's why each geostory must presently consist of a minimum of three chapters. Once all the desired number of chapters has been written, and the user hits the I'm Done button, the map display zooms out to reveal all chapter icons, numbered and linked—a narrative constellation of your own making, a visible trail of your story that you can (soon be able to) save and share.

Who is Behind GeoStories?

GeoStories is a social mapping start-up funded by E.Y. Ventures and founded by Uyen Ngo and Andrew Pogany. As Chief Experience Officer, Ngo has dedicated her considerable expertise to the design and programming of the entire GeoStories site. As Senior Story Teller, Pogany has contributed to the site's concept and content.

How Do I Attach Images or Video?

Popular online media management sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Picasa, and Vimeo provide image and video links for content owned by the user or deemed available for public use. Presently, users must copy and paste the appropriate image or video link into the Pictures/Video input on the Story Board. They also have the option of included the embed codes fro images and videos in the Description input. Rest assured, GeoStories is looking into upping the ante on our media upload capabilities. Got suggestions? Drop us a line at

Do I have To Include a Date?

No, you presently do not have to include a date for each chapter. Chapters are not ordered chronologically.

My Story Is Incomplete, Can I Save A Draft And Return To It Later?

This is a function we'd definitely like to make a reality! Suggestions welcome, drop us a line at

How Do I Share My Story With Other People?

Every geostory, once completed and fully mapped, is automatically saved to the GeoStories library. In the very near future, geostory authors will be able to obtain links for each of their stories, or share directly through the social network of their choosing, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What APIs Does GeoStories Incorporate?

GeoStories presently incorporates the Google Maps API. Future manifestations of the site will potentially incorporate the APIs of various online media management sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Picasa, and others to facilitate enhanced uploading capabilities. Additionally, GeoStories will likely incorporate he APIs of relevant social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to enhance sharing.