Winds for a Healthy Change

Winds for a Healthy Change is an interactive map of Los Angeles County that provides current wind, weather, and air quality data for a specified location. Our main vision is to empower our target audience-- parents/guardians, school board officials, principals and school administrators--to make better informed decisions regarding when and where children can play outside for any given day, without the consequences of exposing them to high particulate concentrations.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

AQI Basic Information

Good (AQI < 50)

Ok (51 < AQI < 100)

Bad (101 < AQI < 150)

Wind Speed and Direction

Level 1: < 12 mph
Level 2: 12-24 mph
Level 3: > 24 mph

Important Places

Live Buses

Demographic Layer


10-Day Average AQI Across Los Angeles County