Winds for a Healthy Change

Winds for a Healthy Change is an interactive map of Los Angeles County that provides current wind, weather, and air quality data for a specified location. Our main vision is to empower our target audience-- parents/guardians, school board officials, principals and school administrators--to make better informed decisions regarding when and where children can play outside for any given day, without the consequences of exposing them to high particulate concentrations.

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Air Quality Index (AQI)

AQI Basic Information

Good (AQI < 50)

Ok (51 < AQI < 100)

Bad (101 < AQI < 150)

Wind Speed and Direction

Level 1: < 12 mph
Level 2: 12-24 mph
Level 3: > 24 mph

Important Places

Live Buses

AQI stations

Demographic Layer

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10-Day Average AQI Across Los Angeles County