Proposed LA Metro Bus Connections to WalkPools for
John Adams Middle School students

This map is intended to be used by the Safe Routes to School organization as a basis for organizing "walking buses" or "WalkPools" to school. The yellow push pins indicate the entrances to John Adams Middle School. The red house icons show the homes of JAMS students who would like to walk or bike to school.

Crossing guards are shown as purple icons, and LA Metro bus routes as orange busstops. Ideally, middle schoolers from outside the district would be able to hook into the WalkPools radius via the LA Metro buslines (see Options 1-5 for bus lines that come into Santa Monica). Once local Big Blue Bus service is available as an API, I will include Big Blue Bus stops for analysis in this WalkPool study.
The underlying demographic layer shows where the most children live in census tract block groups around the school.

Option 1 via Santa Monica Blvd: Bus # 4

Option 2 via Wilshire Blvd: Bus # 20

Option 3 via Venice Blvd: Bus #33

Option 4 via Santa Monica Blvd: Bus #704

Option 5 via Venice Blvd: Bus #733

Created by: Grace Phillips